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Lecture 12

Psychology Lecture 12 Nov 27, 2013.docx

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PSYCH 1100
Mike Moland

PSYC-1100-YB RB-1042 Dr. M. Moland Psychology November 27, 2013 7:00 PM Chapter 8 Language, Thinking, and Reasoning Language Infants can identity syntax at an early age even when they can't communicate Phonemes are basic speak sounds - deaf can't make them Animals have a problem with syntax Context: it is easier to identity a letter in context (word) then in isolation Word Superiority Effect Use the word for what we would expect the letter to be Noam Chomsky & the Language Acquisition Device How do young infants acquire knowledge? Language acquisition device to learn quickly, well Cooing and Babbling Infants can identify speech sounds in any given language but lose it when nursed in a certain language Babbling is important to language development Recognizing Language Sounds Textbook - pacifier Video: between 8
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