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PSYCH 1100
Thomas Kondzielewski

Chapter5PsychSTAGE HYPNOSISsimulation of hypnotic effects TRICKS OF THE TRADEWaking suggestibility people on stage do not want to spoil the act so they will follow any instructionSelection of responsive subjects Any volunteer who does not get hypnotized in the group on stage and does not follow instructions is dismissedHypnotists as director once they are in a trance the volunteers are suddenly the shows stars and they will act like it The hypnotist only need to direct themthe hypnosis show allows disinhibition on stage once you are in a hypnotic trance your responsibility for actions is removed you can do whatever you wantStage hypnotistsuse tricks stage hypnosis is 50 deception and 50 taking advantage of the situationTextbook Conclusion stage hypnotists entertain they are rarely hypnotizeTHE MESMERIZED MINDStudies may lead to more effective treatments for a number of psychiatric and neurological disorders assert psychologists Peter W Halligan and David Oakley in the June issue of Trends in Cognitive SciencesWhen hypnotized people act on a hypnotic suggestion they really do see hear and feel differently such research shows When theyre told to see colors for example the colorprocessing parts of their brains light updespite the absence of any real color in view When they are told to envision color objects in black and white these colorprocessing areas are less active Other imaging studies show that hypnotically induced pain activates the same brain areas as real pain The real question says Halligan is whether hypnosis is a specific brain state that differs from any other In other words is there some sort of neural correlate or biological marker within the brain during a hypnotic trance he asks
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