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PSYCH 1100
Thomas Kondzielewski

chapter 2­3 Psych ~ Unit 2 A GONSIAS • Visual agnosia: inability to identify seen objects o -ex// the man who mistook his wife for a hat • Facial Agnosia: inability to perceive familiar faces o -Prosopagnosia a "hooked" writing posture is associated with the same-said (ipsilateral) motor control. IDIOPATHIC TOE-WALKING • a bounce in the step • suggesting extra flexion (in calf muscles) • summary: a suspicion of mild problems in the motor pathways of hooked-posture left- handers Unit 3 *look up people who were raised by wolves, developed Rome  diagram labeling?  1-3 units, 70 multiple choice H EREDITY Developmental psychology: the study of progressive changes in behavior and abilities Heredity (nature): genetic transmission of physical and psychological characteristics from parents to teir children DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid): Molecular structure shaped like a double helix that contains coded genetic information Identical twins are alike in motor skills, physical development, and appearance. at the same time, twins are less alike as adults then they were as children, which shoes environmental influences are at work Deoxyibose (a pentose = sugar with 5 carbons) Phosphoric Acid chapter 2­3 Organic (nitrogenous base: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine & Cytosine in people: 3 billion pairs Genes: pairs of genes lie on Chromosomes Chromosomes: 23 pairs in humans, with 26000-40000 genes G ENES • specific areas on a strand of DNA that carry hereditary information • Dominant: the gene's feature will appear each time the gene is present • Recessive: the gene's feature will appear only if it is paired with another recessive gene • still only 25% chance a trait will be expressed POLYGENIC CHARACTERISTICS • personal traits or physical properties that are influenced by many genes working in combination • ex// autism, cancer, skin color, diabetes Heterochromia: eye color is determined primarily by the concentration and distribution of melanin within the iris tissues  ex// David Bowe Developmental Level: an individual's current state of physical, emotional, and intellectual development ENVIRONMENT (NURTURE ) • all external conditions that affect a person, especially the effects of learning • Evolutionary Psychology: wonders whether we are essentially prepared (nature & nurture) to survive in a grasslands environment, of 30,000 years ago • There must always be both nature & nurture SENSATIONALISM OF FERAL C HILDREN Moscow (ap): a 5-year old Russian girl has been has placed in state custody after being found alone in an apartment filled with cats and dogs and imitating the animals behavior. Police in the Transbaikal region of Siberia said Wednesday that the girl was kept shut up with the animals in a filthy apartment in the regional capita
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