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PSYCH 1100
Thomas Kondzielewski

Tom Konzileski (how it's said) Intro to Psyc 1100 **more likely to make one sick and also as more exciting and adventurous when their names were difficult to pronounc-->what he thinkDon't email using D2L email. Four mid-term examinations and a final exam during April 7-17 exam period. Oct 21 Monday evening 7:00 pm in room 1022 Nov 25 Monday evening 7:00 pm in room 1022 Jan 20 Monday evening 7:00 pm in room 1022 Mar 3 Monday evening 7:00 pm in room 1022 Beginning of the book has a chapter how to study. *Essay topic: summary of how to study (on the 1st chapter on the book) Good idea to read ahead psyche: mind "breath of life" Eros's sidekick or consort in Greek mythology Cupid's consort in roman mythology logos: knowledge or study definition: the scientific study of behavior and mental processes behavior: overt (ex can be directly observed, as with crying, watching TV, gambling) mental processes: covert (ex cannot be directly observed, as with thinking, dreaming remembering) Psychology is a science and a profession scientific observation us the most powerful way to answer a question about behavior do research to discover new knowledge, teach, apply psychology to solve problems in mental health, education, business, sports, law and medicine Empiricism (discovering new knowledge): the goals to measure and describe behaviors To gather empirical evidence: information gained from direct observation and measurement scientific observation then draw valid conclusion Intersubjective:
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