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Lakehead University
PSYCH 1100
Thomas Kondzielewski

day 2  ▯ chapter one Psych Ultimate goal: benefit humanity Description of behaviors: naming and classifying various observable, measurable behaviors Understanding: being able to state the cause of a behavior [explaining] Prediction: predicting behavior accurately Control: altering conditions that influence behaviors Positive use: to control unwanted behaviors [ergonomics] (ex/ smoking, tantrums…) Negative use: to control peoples behaviors without their knowledge Prediction & Control: consistently produced a catastrophic disintegration in enemy resistance and large scale enemy surrenders. Critical thinking: watch out for common sense beliefs that might not be true (how can one know which those are) • using only 10% of our brain • personality test • IQ frenzy maybe: psychics can "channel" dead people Q-ray bracelets do something Astrology pre-determines something What criteria can be used to decide? Q-Ray: selling nearly 3000000 bracelets a year, filed for bankruptcy protection after losing the first case, [87 million] Refers to the ability to reflect on evaluate compare analyze critique and synthesize information • what would you expect to see if the claim is true • gather evidence relevant to claim • evaluate the evidence • draw conclusion • Critical thinking is often used in research KEY PRINCIPLES [Critical Thinking] ♦ constantly revising ones understanding of the world ♦ few truths transcend the need for empirical testing day 2  ▯ chapter one ♦ judging the quality of evidence is crucial ♦ authority or claimed expertise does not automatically make an idea true ♦ critical thinking requires an open mind STEPS what claims are being made what tests have been made, are the credible, is it repeatable how reliable were the investigators PSEUDO psychologies Pseudo means "false" any unfounded "system" that resembles psychology but is NOT based on scientific testing …changes little over time because followers seek evidence that appears to confirm their beliefs and avoid evidence that contradicts their beliefs while scientists SHOULD BE skeptical critics of their own theories [realistically its other scientists that do these critiques so that the system works] Palmistry: lines on your hands (palms) predict future and reveal personality Phrenology: personality traits revealed by shape of skull [People want it to be true] Graphology: personality traits are revealed by your hand writing Astrology: the positions of the stars and planets at birth determine personality traits and affect your behavior [lie detectors: during chapter 10] W HY PEOPLE ACCEPT ASTROLOGY Uncritical acceptance: tendency to believe positive or flattering descriptions of yourself Fallacy of positive instances: when we remember or notice information that confirms our expectations and forget the discre
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