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Technology Evolution of Lithic Technologies:  J.G.D. Clark’s technological modes, according to when they are wide- spread:  Mode 1: Oldowan technology (at least 2.6 million years ago)  Mode 2: Acheulian handaxes (at least 1.8 million years ago)  Mode 3: Prepared core technology (at least 400 thousand years ago)  Mode 4: Blade technology (about 40 thousand years ago)  Mode 5: Microlith technology (about 12 thousand years ago) Oldwan Technology:  Simple chopping tools and sharp, unmodified flakes  Need hard stones that are fairly fine-grained to get sharp edges  They would knock off flakes to create sharp edges  Flint would be a very effective stone to create tools with  When the flake edges would dull, they would ‘re-touch’ it – knock off smaller flakes off of the edges to make them sharper  However, most of the time, you would make them unmodified – they would be tossed away once they got dull  The tools are usually unifacial and bifacial (bifacial would make them sharper)  A nodule of stone used as a source of flakes (which the flakes are then used as tools) is called a “core”  There are few examples of Oldwan tools from Dmanisi Prepared Core Technology:  There are different kinds of cores, although still created in a haphazard manner  Might have developed from the invention of hand axes  Earliest forms in Africa (c. 400 thousand years o
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