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Langara College
ANTH 1131

Wooden and Bone Tools and Structures Wooden tools?  Wooden tools from Schoningen, Germany, a 300,000 years old site  From a huntering society  After the society left, their tools (spears) were left by the lakeside and the water level rose; therefore, left very well preserved  Found 8 carved wooden spears, each about 2 metres long  Also found remains of 20 horses with butchery marks, as well as 2 wooden tools with slotted ends (handles?) and a digging stick  Digging stick very similar to those used by modern hunter- gatherer societies  In Lehringen, Germany:  Yew spear found with elephant remains (c. 130,000 years ago)  Clacton Channel, England:  Spear made of yew (200-250,000 years old) Bone Tools?  Very rare prior to 40,000 years ago  There are some pre-40,000 year old bone tools:  Mostly in Africa (Blombos Cave, S. Africa)  Simple shaping of end of bone  Use of microlith technology  Could be used to sew leather and hide together Structures?  Although caves are most used, there are other structures for shelter as well  Very little evidence for people using structures other than natural- made structures such as caves, however  There are a few examples of some indirect evidence of creating indirect structures:  Terra Amata, Nice, France: - c. 400,000 year old camp site with evidence of structures -
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