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ANTH 1131

Hominin fossils  10 crania and 5,500 other skeletal fragments – many of them complete bones  The biggest collection of hominin remains from any species other than modern, present-day humans  MNI (Minimum Number of Individuals) = 28  At least 12 females and 8 males  One individual less than 10 years old, and three are over 35 years old, but majority are adolescents or young adults  Clearly ancestors for the later Neadertals that will appear next - Neandertals in Europe evolve from H. heidelbergensis in Europe - The H. heidelbergensis have mid-facial pragnathism and a double-arched brow ridge instead of one shelf brow ridge  These are typical Neandertal characteristics - Cranial capacities range from 1,125-1,390 cubic centimetres - Mean for modern humans are 1,350 cubic centimetres - However, their EQ are still lower than ours  Out of the 10 skulls, the most complete is the SH 5 - A little bit of post-orbital constriction, that isn’t present in Neandertals - Still retain the pentagonal shape of the H. erectus, although this isn’t the case for all H. heidelbergensis - The widest part at the back of the skull is a little bit higher than those of H. erectus - Fit very nicely between H. erectus and Neandertals  What can these bones tell us?  How did these people’s remains get here? - Were they living in the cage?  Doesn’t make sense
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