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ANTH 1131

Homo erectus in Africa  Major fossils:  OH (Olduvai Gorge Hominin) 9 - Approximately 1.2 million years old, discovered by Leakey - Just the upper part of the cranium - Cranial capacity of 1100 cubic centimetres  KNM-ER 3733 (Kenya National Monuments – Eastern Rudolph) - 1.6-1.7 million years ago, one of the oldest complete fossils - Only 850 cubic centimetres - Pretty sure that it is an adult H. erectus, perhaps a female - Classic example of H. ergaster  “Nariokotome Boy” KNM-WT-15000 - One of the complete fossils, 90% of the complete skeleton - Came from a place called Nariokotome in West Turkana - 1.65 million years ago - Classic example of H. ergaster - Originally thought to be between 12-14 years old; however, analysis of the teeth shows that the skeleton is approximately 7-9 years old - Shows that H. erectus adolescents grew and matured at a much faster pace than humans - His brain size was 880 cubic centimetres at the time of his death - May have also reached 6’ in height when he fully matured - Proportions very much like ours - His teeth appears a bit strange – his teeth were adult size while his cranium was still that of a 7-8 year old  The “Daka” cranium BOU-VP 2/66 - Dated at approximately 1 million years ago - Found in Daka, Ethiopia - Missing the lower part of t
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