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ANTH 1131

Issues for the Homo Erectus Major questions on Homo erectus:  How did people get to Java (an island)?  How did people get to Australia, since Homo erectus does not appear to have reached Australia?  Who is Homo floresiensis, which doesn’t appear to fit into our genetic ancestry tree? Homo moved out of Africa by 1.8 million years ago and arrived in Asia by 1.6 million years ago (and reached Java in approximately 1.4 million years ago). How did Homo erectus reach the island of Java?  There was still a substantial amount of water to cross from mainland Asia to Java  Although today Java is an island, during cold periods such as the Ice Age, there were huge glaciers and mountain chains growing that would lead to the sea level dropping around the world  As a result, coastlines would change dramatically and islands would disappear and connect to mainland Asia  During cold periods, you could walk to what are islands today  There have been dozens of Ice Ages over the million years, so there would be ample time for the Homo erectus to walk to Java People (modern humans) are in Australia at least by 40 thousand years ago:  To get to Australia, you
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