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More Recent AMHs in Europe and Asia (70-25,000 years ago)  Liujiang, China:  Well-preserved cranium  Perhaps dates to 61,000-73,000 years old?  Earliest example of AMH from East Asia  Has a lack of a brow ridge, more vertical forehead, a flat face tucked under the cranial vault  Interestingly, has sinodonty, a more Neanderthal-like characteristic: shovel-shaped incisors - However, also found in early AMHs  Wadjak, Java:  Discovered a specimen in 1888  Clearly AMH but more robust  No date available for it due to its early excavation  Had clearly rounded cranial vault, vertical forehead, a flat face, and square eye orbits  AMHs appeared to arrive in Europe about 35,000 years ago:  Pestera cu Oase, Romania - Robust AMH - Associated with cave bear remains - 36,000-41,000 years old (oldest AMH in Europe so far) - Appears that the cave was sealed off quickly after the prehistoric people lived in the cave – much like a time capsule in a way - S
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