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Prehistoric Material Culture Chronologies and The Acheulian Industry.docx

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ANTH 1131

Prehistoric Material Culture Chronologies and The Acheulian Industry Prehistoric Material Culture:  Lithic Technology (also known as stone tools)  Clothing (animals hide)  Wooden tools  Early groups: hunter and gatherer societies did not have a lot of material things since they were constantly on the move (needles, bows, needles, etc) Later Prehistoric/Historic Material Culture:  Pottery/ceramics (c. 15-20,000 years old)  Metallurgy (c. 7,000 years old)  Glass (c. 5,000 years old) Biocultural Evolution: The combination and interaction of human biological evolution and the evolution of technology that allows us to adapt to our environments  To live in regions, they would need technology  For example: in colder latitudes, we would start inventing clothing – it would be a technological innovation that would result into physiological change (less body hair) Chronologies:  The Geologic Time Scale:  Used mostly by geologists and paleontologists  Archaeological Chronologies:  When we look at prehistoric cultures, stone was used only to a small percentage of what they used as tools  However, stone would be the only thing to survive, due to the fact that the other materials would be unlikely to survive  Therefore, Archaeological Chronologies are based onto stone tools and when they appear in specific regions  If you worked in Asia and Europe, you would use “Palaeolithic”, while if you work in Africa, you would use “Stone Age”  When it comes t
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