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Skull of Erectus and Habillis ARCH 131.docx

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hHomo Habilis - 1.9 and 1.6 mya - Maxilla has a humanlike parabolic dental arcade - Associated with tool use - Homo habilis means handy man Homo erectus - tale of three areas: Africa, China, and Indonesia - increase in the brain size of homo erectus over that of its predecessors - ranges from 850 to 1200 cc Do they have thick skulls? - Armouring of the skull - Thick cranial skull and four features described and named in Latin by anatomist and physical anthropologist Franz Weidenreich (1873-1948) o The torus supraorbitalis (or supraorbital torus)  Is the brow ridge, a large bulge over the eyes o The torus angularis (or angular torus)  Thickening or bulging of the top line (or superior edge) of the temporal bone as it approaches the occipital bone in the neck. o The torus occipitalis (or occipital torus)
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