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ANTH 2231

Efficiency of Locomotion  We’ve evolved to be joggers  Thermoregulation and efficiency of locomotion  Quadrupeds are much faster runners than obligate bipeds  E.g., A cheetah will have to provide energy to hold up body ad push off (momentum)  all quadrupeds  E.g., Human energy doesn’t change no matter if you are walking or standing still  we don’t have to push off to walk, we just have to leant forwards and let out legs swing  We have to push off like quadrupeds ifw e want to sprint  Humans’ evolved to be joggers Thermoregulation AND efficiency of Locomotion  Humans can lose internal body heat much more easily b/c we don’t have fur A. Reduced Hair Cover? Tied to development of sweating (transpiration) as an effective thermoregulation system in hot, dry climates?? B. Early Hominins and Hunting?  Hunting would potentially explain 2 major trends in hominin evolution discussed earlier: o Bipedalism: Freed up the hands for the manufacture and use of hunting weapons? o Encephalization: A need for increased cooperation and communication to be successful hunters led to a large
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