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ANTH 2231 Lecture Notes - Paranthropus Boisei, Stone Tool, Paranthropus Robustus

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ANTH 2231

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Possible Evolutionary Relationships
Aferensis and Africans overlap in time
May be descendants instead of different species
Paranthropus Robustus
South African species
“Nutcracker Man”
HUUUUUUGE molars (cheek teeth)
~ 2.0-1.0 mya
SK 48
530 cc
Endo-cranial cast (used in the Selam fossil)
Morphology of brain
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Development of specific areas of the brain
Increase in frontal lobe
Portable cortex
Thrible height
Improved abstract thinking
o Language
o Problem solving
Forward Foramen magnum
o Obligate bipeds
Increased in brain size
Small bodied 4 ft 1
High encephalization
Even flatter face than Australopithecines
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