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ASIA 2170 Lecture Notes - Anson Burlingame, Central Pacific Railroad, Burlingame Treaty


Asian Studies
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ASIA 2170

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Chinese Immigrants
Today Chinese immigration is whole family immigration not just men
Chinese in California Gold Rush
1862, when the gold rush declined
-the United States decided to build a railroad called the US Transcontinental
The US Transcontinental Railroad
-central pacific railroad company
-union pacific railroad company
-hired a lot of Chinese people to build the most difficult sections for the railroad
-from Utah to sacramento
-the Chinese labour were cheap
-the companies believe that the Chinese were able to build the great
wall so
They believed the Chinese could build this difficult section of the
-chinese were paid 25-35 a month not including housing and food
1868, The Burlingame Treaty of was signed between China and the US
Was named after Anson Burlingame
-was the US minister/ambassador in 1864 (after 2nd opium war) of
-countries promised to allow immigrants from each other
-countries promised to protect immigrants safety
-caused the second wift (gold rush was first wift)
-1869-1880, the Chinese population of the US tripled
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