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ASIA 2170 Lecture Notes - Treaty Of Aigun


Asian Studies
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ASIA 2170

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The Foreign Encroachment
China only allowed Russia to have land trade
Russia didn’t sign any treaty with china after the first opium war
-britain , us signed a treaty with china
2 consequences of the two opium wars
-russia (even tho they didn’t sign treaty) realized how vulnerable china was
-russia didn’t get any benefits from the treaty system which is unfavorable to
the Russian
1851-russia signed another treaty with China (zli treaty)
-duty-free trade
-china forbid them from joining any treaty ports
During the second opium war
-russia forced china to sign a treaty ( Aigun Treaty) 1858
- got a large piece of land
-allowed to enter china’s treaty ports
The Foreign Encroachment
-russia occupatation of lli (1871-81)
-sino-french war (1884-85)
-sino-japanese war (1894-95)
-foreign partition of Spheres of Influence
-the concept of sphere of influence
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