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ASIA 2170 Lecture Notes - Thirteen Factories, Canton System, Unequal Treaty


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ASIA 2170

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Treaty of Nanjing/Nanking
(the end to the first opium war)
Nanjing /Nanking Treaty
Signed on August 29, 1842
Between Ireland, Great Britain and the China
A great loss for China
The treaty that ended the first Opium War
First unequal treaty between china and foreign regions
The treaty
The treaty included:
China had to give the city , Hong Kong to the British for 99 years
The British were allowed to trade at all 5 trading ports
The British were only allowed to trade in Canton, Guangzhou
Limited taxes on importations of British goods
Paid for the cost of the first opium war
China had to pay 21 million dollars for the opium that the British loss
because China burnt it
China gave 6 million all at once and took a few months to repay
the rest
The creation of the Nanjing treaty caused the Canton system to end
the Nanjing treaty was a great loss for China
o loss of power
o loss of money
o loss of territory
the treaty destroyed the business of thirteen factories on foreign trade