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ASIA 2170

Chinese Immigrants Today Chinese immigration is whole family immigration not just men Chinese in California Gold Rush 1862, when the gold rush declined -the United States decided to build a railroad called the US Transcontinental Railroad The US Transcontinental Railroad -central pacific railroad company -union pacific railroad company -hired a lot of Chinese people to build the most difficult sections for the railroad -from Utah to sacramento -because -the Chinese labour were cheap -the companies believe that the Chinese were able to build the great wall so They believed the Chinese could build this difficult section of the railroad -chinese were paid 25-35 a month not including housing and food 1868, The Burlingame Treaty of was signed between China and the US  Was named after Anson Burlingame -was the US minister/ambassador in 1864 (after 2 ndopium war) of China -countries promised to allow immigrants from each other -countries promised to protect immigrants safety -caused the second wift (gold rush was first wift) -1869-1880, the Chinese population of the US tripled -100 000 people -1870- 25 percent of the California neighbours population were Chinese -9 000 chinese mining neighbours 1850, san Francisco Chinatown were created -by 1870, it became a real town -a lot of social problems : gambling, opium, prostitutional business -1876, most Chinese females were prostitutes -1876 chinese official came to san fran and said 6000 chinese women in the united states, 80-90 % were daughters of joy (aka prostitutes) -by 1870 when the railroad was done -more and more immigrants from other continents began to compete for the job -more and more v
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