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Asian Studies
ASIA 2170

The First Opium War -also known as the First Anglo-Chinese War time period: 1839-1842 British East India Company and the Qing Dynasty of China -BEIC declared war to force China to allow free trade, particularly in Opium th 19 Century -trades from China was profitable for the Chinese and Europeans merchants -due to the Qing Dynasty’s trade restrictions (international trade was only allowed to take place in Canton(Guangzhou) (conducted by imperially sanctioned monopolies) -became unprofitable to trade in low-value manufactured consumer products that an Average Chinese could buy from the British (like the Indians did) -the Sino-British trade became dominate by high-value luxury items: tea (from China to Britain) and Silver (from Britain to China) th Britain as the Gold Standard since 18 Century -had to purchase silver from continental Europeans to supply silver to them -costly process -looked for other ways to reverse the flow of silver out of the country and into China -discovered Opium Opium -a medicinal ingredient was documented during the Ming Dynasty -was also used as recreational use -was limited -there were laws in place against the abuse of it -produced in a region in India(Bengal) which was under the British government monopoly -was sold on the condition that it be shipped by British traders to China in Malwa Britain and Opium -Opium was introduced to Britain through mass quantities -motivated the British to start an opium trade by the equalization of trade -the drug became powerful -large amount trades from the British started from 1781 -between 1821 and 1837, import increased
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