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ASTR 1101 Lecture Notes - Cosmic Dust


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ASTR 1101

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Introduction to Astronomy
the use of math and physics to figure out how the Universe and everything in the
Universe works
tries to figure out how things:
o form
o move
o their life as that specific object
o are destroyed.
o move predict things
when the Sun will rise
when the Moon
they study:
o planets
o stars
o galaxies
o moons
o asteroids
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o comets
o space dust
o gas between the star
o groups of galaxies
o black holes
The History of astronomy
possibily the oldest of sciences
in the olden days
o people considered that the movement of the stars and other objects in the
sky were a significant importance in life and people needed to know how
that worked
Planting and harvesting
relation to astronomy:
o because of astonomy, farmers knew when to:
start harvesting their goods
stop harvesting
be aware that floods may occur
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