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Skeletal Muscle 1. Skeletal muscle attaches to and move the skeleton, they are under voluntary control. Smooth muscles found in the walls of hollow organ they don't have a set pattern like skeletal muscle and they are under involuntary control. Cardiac muscle is the muscle tissues of the heart wall this muscle have both characteristic of smooth and skeletal muscle, this muscle is also under involuntary control. 2. Shape of the muscle, the action, location, division (triceps and biceps), size (gluteus maximus, gluteus midius) and direction of the fiber (transversus = across and rectus = straight) 3. The prime mover is the muscle whose contraction is primarily responsible for a particular movement. The antagonist are the muscles who are oppose of the contraction. biceps and triceps. 4. They are muscle that immobilize a bone or joint near the origin of the prime mover so that the prime mover can act more efficiently. 5. Origin is the less moveable end of the muscle. Insertion is the more moveable end of the muscle. The belly is the muscle. 6. Endomysium, Perimysium, Epimysium. It serves in part to maintain intramuscular pressure. 7. There are two major protein in the sarcomere that deals with the contraction of muscle. When ATP, energy source, is release the myosin cock its head binding to the actin forming a cross bridge which shorted the sacromere thus contraction happens. 8. Muscle require a good supply of blood in order to generate force. The increase of muscle force and intramuscular pressure also increase, this restrict blood flow to the muscle. This happens around 15-20% of maximum muscle force, at 50% blood is completel
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