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Lecture 6

BIOL 1115 Lecture 6: Biology 1115 - Nucleic Acids & Encoding of Biological Info

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Spring 2018

Course Code
BIOL 1115
Kenneth Nauman

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A =T
stores info biological characteristics
>replicated RNA (transcription )construct protein (translation )affects
affects biological characteristics
>2strands -double helix
nucleotides (4-differ in N-bases )
joined by H-bonds between N-bases (complimentary )
' -3
anti -parallel z' -5
IOOOS of Times longer than cell but they supercoil
>in prokaryotes
DNA forms asingle circular structure
in Eukaryotes -DNA are linear 3wrap around proteins (histories )
combination =chromatin
forms several structures =chromosomes
:S :|
ribose vs deoxy sugar
Uracil vs . thymine
-long term s
. temp .

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NUCLEIC ACIDS 3 ENCODING OF BIOLOGICAL INFO A =T Dna > stores info biological characteristics > replicated RNA ( transcription construct protein ( translation) affects affects biological characteristics STRUCTURE OF DNA > 2 strands - double helix oaku - nucleotides (4 differ in N - bases ) - joined by H - bonds between N - bases ( complimentary ) 5 ' - 3 ' - anti parallel z ' - 5' > IOOOS of Times longer than cell but they supercoil hmmm > - in prokaryotes DNA forms a single circular structure > in Eukaryotes - DNA are linear 3 wrap around proteins ( histories) - = combination chromatin forms several structures = chromosomes :S - :| f : ribose vs deoxy sugar - Uracil vs. thymine - term s temp . - long . TRANSCRIPTION > section of one DNA strand to form RNA Transcript template - ' - ' RNA is built 5 3 > - RNA polymerase attatches upstream of The gene at a DNA region called The promoter - builds RNA until it reaches The Terminator sequence > Need conversion before it can be used RNA mRNA ) messenger ( > in eukaryotes - transcribed RNA is before it can act as processed mRNA 1) nucleotides added to ends help wl export out of nucleus protection 11) sections of RNA ( introns ) are cut out . remaining pieces ( exons ) are spliced tgt o most humans have several introns alternative allows for one DNA to be used to splicing gene make diff proteins some RNA are NOT used to make proteins transcriptions ex . they are modified to make ribosomal RNA Or transfer RNA - 7. What Were the first info holding molecules > MOST
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