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BIOL 1175

Excretion System -the process that rids body of Metabolic Wastes (esp. Nitrogenous wastes) Excretion is performed by: -Kidneys : excretes Nitrogenous wastes (Amonia, Urea, Uric Acid, Creatinine) -regulates the blood volume, pH -Liver: excretes Bile Pigments -bile is sent to the small intestine -Lungs: excretes CO s2in and some H O 2 Nitrogenous Wastes Ammonia = NH : v3ry toxic to tissues -converts to Urea in the liver Creatinine - comes from creatinine phosphate in muscle metabolism Other Excreted Substances (besides Nitrogenous Wastes) Bile Pigments: from breakdown of Red Blood Cells CO 2 the lungs major site of excretion Kidneys: excretion of HCO (3icarbonate ion) Ions such as: Salts K , Na , Ca++, Mg , Fe + -NOT metabolic products (a chemical processes that occur in organisms to survive) Water: metabolic end product -maintains blood pressure -urine : composed of Urea( 3%), Salt ~(2%), H 2(95%) Organs of Excretion KIDNEYS: Excrete urine - regulate blood volume, pH SKIN: Glands excrete perspiration (which consists of H O2 salt, and small amounts of urea -excretion from the skin is primary for cooling LIVER: - excretes bile - bile contains pigments that are breakdown products of RBC metabolism - Bile is sent to small intestine. UROCHROME - breakdown of heme - gives urine its yellow colour LUNGS: excrete CO , 2ome H O 2 INTESTINE: excretes some iron and Calcium salts - secreted into intestine - then excreted into feces Urinary System Consists of these parts: RENAL VEIN- carries blood from kidney back to heart RENAL ARTERY- carries blood to kidneys KIDNEYS- reddish-brown organs -secures against the dorsal (back) body wall by connective tissues URETER- muscular tubes -moves urine from kidneys to bladder (via peristalsis) BLADDER- holds urine -can expand or contract -has stretch receptors that indicate when it is full URETHRA- tube connecting bladder outside Kidney: the main organ of excretion -has 3 major divisions -Cortex : outer layer -Medulla: Middle, striated -Pelvis: inner cavity - kidney stones - can form in pelvises -consists of calcium salts and uric acid
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