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Biological evolution 10-11-12 Biological evolution: Change in population or species and their alleles over time Living things descended from a common ancestor and have common chemistry living things adapt to their environment Natural selection operates on reproductive fitness and success Next generation is a result of existing variability, new mutation, selection and genetic drift A rough timeline 15 BYA - Big bang 4 BYA - First cell 2 BYA - Eukaryotic cells I BYA - Multicellularity 150 MYA - Mammals 7 MYA - Human/Chimpanzee common ancestors 5 MYA - “Ardi” 3 MYA - “Lucy” 2 MYA - Homogenous emerges 200 KYA - Homo sapiens emerges 100 KYA - Homo sapiens leave Africa 5-10KYA - Agriculture Revolution Adaptation: Characteristics that make an organism survive and reproduce in its environment Natural Selection Darwin Variation - There is heritable variation for selection to act upon Competition - researches ( food, mate and shelter ) therefore its limited, competition for survival and reproduction Adaptation - Environment remains unchanged, therefore traits starts to change Fossils? - Fossils are mineralized remains of organism that lived in the past Fossils form in stratosphere through sedimentation oldest at the bottom Fossils allow us to trace the descent of a particular group Transitional fossils have characteristics of two different groups Fossil Record Life progressed from simple to more complex Prokaryotes are the first life forms seen in the fossil record followed by unicellular eukaryotes and then multicellular eukaryotes Fish evolved before terrestrial plants and animals Nonflowering plants preceded flowering plants Dinosaurs are directly linked t
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