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BIOL 1175

The integumentary system: Includes the skin and accessory organs such as hair, nails and gland The skin has two main region called the epidermis and the dermis under the skin is a subcutaneous layer between the dermis and internal structure fat is stored What are the functions of the integumentary system? protects the body from physical trauma invasion by pathogen and water loss helps regulate body temperate allows us to be aware of our surroundings through sensory receptors synthesizes chemical such as melanin and vitamin D epithelial tissues stratified squamous epithelium What you need to know about skin cancer? 2 of 3 types that arise in the epidermis: -> basal cells carcinoma is the most common yet least deadly form of skin cancer -> melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer, but is the least common What can you do to help prevent this? stay out of the sun betweeen 10am- 3pm wear protective clothing use sunscreen with SPF atleast 15 to protect from UV A and UV B What are the accessory organs of the skin and why are they important? Nails are derived from epidermis that of
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