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BIOL 1175

4/9/2013 2:34:00 AM Matter, Water, Mitosis, Meiosis and Genetic Diversity 10-10-12 Matter: Anything that has weight and take up space We are made up of matter Atom: Smallest unit of an element that retain in element Element: Basic building blocks of matter Atomic number: Refers to protons Atomic symbol: Shorten symbol for the element Atomic mass: Mass of proton, neutrons and elections of most stable isotope Covalent bond: Sharing of electrons between atoms Ion: An atom or group of atoms with a positive or negative charge Ionic Bond: Giving up an electron to an unstable atom H20 Polar Needed for Chem. Reaction Dissolvable 3 States High neat vaporization Great solvent for polar molecules Hydrogen bonding Surface tension Ploidy (N) Number of single sets of choromosomes in a cell or an organism One unduplicated chromosome not condensed chromatin One duplicated chromosome - two chromatids - not condensed - chromatin Chromosome condensation - DNA wraps around histone - DNA twist and loops around itself One duplicated chromosome - condensed consist of two chromatics held together by centromere Sister chromatids - Centrosomes and MTs form “Mitotic Spindle” Centrioles in centrosome - Centromere holds two sister chromatids together Centrosome made out of centrioles Overview of Mitosis - Occurs in somatic cells (body cells) Diploid to diploid duplication division 4 phases: prophase metaphase anaphase telophase Key components: Chromosomes Microtubules Interphase Replicate DNA EAch maternal chroomsome has a corresponding paternal chromosomes Prophase I spindle form and duplicated centrosomes start to migrate toward opposite poles of cell Homologous chromosomes sticks in pairs Metaphase I - The spindle causes all the chromosomes to be all lined up in the centre (metaphase plate) Anaphase I Sister chromatids breaking apart and moving the opposite ways to a daughter cell At Metaphase and Anaphase I, that’s where reduction division occur. Telophase - Two new nuclear envelope form, forming two daughter cells. Mitosis Functions Responsible for cell replacement Required for growth and development Highly regulated IF regulation fails t
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