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BIOL 1175

skeletal and muscular systems Homeostasis: the skeletal and muscular systems both systems involved with movement that allows us to stimuli, digestion of food, return of blood to heart and moving air in and out of the lungs both systems keep us upright and protect body parts bones store and release calcium need for muscle contraction, blood clotting and nerve impulse conduction muscles help maintain a constant body temperature 3 muscle types Smooth muscle: has spindle shaped, nonstriated,uninucleated fibers Cardiac muscle skeletal muscle How are skeletal muscles arranged? Attachments: Tendon - connective tissue that connects muscle to bone Origin: attachment of a muscle on a stationary bone insertion: attachment of a muscle on a bone that moves Action: Antagonistic: muscle that work in opposite pairs synergistic: muscles working in a group for common action only force muscles exert is by pulling (contracting) Actin: composes the thin filament (microfilaments) filaments slide over one another during muscle contractions Myosin: composes a thin filament shaped like golf club, motor protein that uses energy in ATP to cause movement Terminology and roles of skeletal muscle cell structure cell fuses togeth
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