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Union Membership Trends in Canada 1991.docx

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BUSM 1100

Union Membership Trends in Canada 1991-2008  % of labour force slowly decreasing since 1980s  Factors include: o Increase in service sector and white collar jobs o Combined decrease in employment opportunities that have traditionally been highly unionized (manufacturing) o More effective HR practices in non-unionized firms Unionization in Canada  Challenges for Labour o Globalization  Global competition forcing employers to become more militant, unions struggling to maintain their influence at bargaining table  Jobs can be outsourced to lower cost countries o Demographics  Aging workforce and pending labour shortage affects union as well as HR managers  Retention concerns may make employers more willing to offer job security in exchange for promises of productivity and flexibility of unions  Benefits and pensions for older workers and retiree has become more of a union priority o White collar workers  Difficulty in solving grievances and lack of job security led increased interest in unionization among white-collar
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