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Lecture 14

BUSM 2200 Lecture 14: Bus 360

Business Management
Course Code
BUSM 2200

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BUS 360W Email Case Study Submission #2
Assignment Instructions
Submission Date: see your Course Package
Percentage of Final Grade: (12%)
Email Case Study Submission #2 is an individual assignment. That is, you are
not permitted to collaborate with other students in preparing any parts of this
Your Email Submission #2 package must include the following four elements
(in this order):
1) assignment cover page
2) your best revision of your Email Text from Submission #1 (subject line +
the text of your email)
3) your Email Submission #1 Email Text (with our comments)
4) our completed marking sheets from your first submission
a) Your assignment must be word-processed. Handwritten assignments will
receive a grade of zero and be returned without feedback.
b) Do not resubmit your Email Submission #1 cover page, planning notes, or
the case instructions (along with the case). If you submit any of these
elements with your Email Submission #2, you will be penalized two full
letter grades.
c) Submit the elements in the order listed. If you do not follow the specified
order, or if you are missing any of the components, you will be penalized
two full letter grades.
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