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Jun 14 2012 Informational Advertising : Chapter 5  1895  only provides info on : o what it does o how well it works o name and logo  advertising now is different from when it was in the 1880s o the change it all started in the 1920s  info ads o ads in 1895 provided info on what the product is  does provide minimal lifestyle  stating to say/refer to lifestyle of the people who has free time and money  provides info about the product Jun 14 2012  what it does  what it consists of  how it works  announcement of availability Transformation  an ad of toothpaste o not simply a matter of cleaning teeth  a matter of pleasure  preserving health and fitness o info is delegated to the end and smallest print o images project class and lifestyle o narrative of usage leading to romance  the ad is set up to show you that the product “ transforms” your life o makes it better o enhances it Jun 14 2012  happiness and social success o interventions of products o personal and social interventions o social relations transformed and happiness achieved with use of commodity
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