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Lecture 3

Advertising creates structure of Meaning ( lecture three - may 24 2012).docx

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Langara College
CMNS 1115

May 24/2012 Advertising creates structure of Meaning  Make meaning in mundane items  Specific meaning in inanimated objects o Language of objects into language of people  The transference of meaning between 2 different systems is the basis of advertising  Advertising is selling you something more than consumer goods o Providing more than the good but something we can use to identify us  They are selling ourselves Sign = signifies + signified : arbitrary , based on social convention Signified = mental concept of the sign Signifies = the thing that is the concept is referring to Symbol, icon, index (more detailed description of different types of signs) Denotation: literal meaning to a sign Connotation: the social cultural ( + sometimes personal) associations May 24/2012 Six Principles of Semiotics  We view the world through the files of a semiotic code or mythic frame  Always question the common sense view of things  Cultures potray their ideological practices as natural and common condemn portray practices as unnatural  In evaluating cultural practices , look at the underlying interests  Signs mark the dynamic movement of social history o Meaning is a process of an ad
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