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Lecture 4

Culture affections due to ads (lecture four - may 31 2012).docx

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CMNS 1115

May 31, 2012 Culture affections due to ads  The logic commodity (Signs) colonizes our cultural landscapes o They pervade our culture o Pervades how we see our culture and society  Its about how the signifying process (how we create our world ) is given to us through commodities o Ads are a space (system) where signifiers and signified come together to bring meaning  Also speaks to someone , not “ who” but “what” that someone is  Not only are commodities joined to signs , commodities get produced as signs and signs become produced as commodities  Language o Produces us o Creates us o Makes us who we are o Culture, society May 31, 2012 Ideology  all ideology has the function to create subjects o ads text positions us as subjects o ex. Ads put you in the place of the subject  some ads make you feel masculine as the subject  makes you feel what they want you to feel  it doesn’t matter who you are individually, you are a subject to ideology o we are the product of ideology o advertisements doesn’t affect us but becomes our history , culture ,society  which in turn becomes past of our ideology Meaning flows autonomously  our engagement to the ad creates the flow of meaning o the recipient creates/creators of meaning not the receiver  he or she is not all powerful to create our own meaning  meaning is created when we are called upon to do so by the
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