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CMNS 1115

June 14, 2012 Class and Taste  diplomatic set of abilities  class, social position , taste  smart ( classy + up to date in the 1920s) set o “smart America” as arbiters of taste and manners o who went to polo games ?! Element of Fantasy o education of taste and good manners (if are lacked good breeding)  uplife (educate you) o didactic quality o education in taste o social scene and social rituals o tension between exclusivity and elitism vs. “moderate price” and popularity June 14, 2012  social Ideas o a perfect family o harmony o social role unquestioned  the ensemble ( furniture at home) o enhancement of domestic space , social status o women’s responsibility in creating aesthetics of space o ad offer specific adduce as to how to create a colour scheme (uplift)  what are the implications of colors in ads? or in products? colour o in the most mundance of objexts o the demand for aesthetic pleasure reaches every corner of everyday life o taste is consumed or offered along with utilitarian object o colours is like a fad , it comes in and out  Extreme make over circa 1920s
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