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Semiotics Semiotics: the basic idea Representations of reality should be considered separate from reality as such We access reality by representing it in speech, text, Semiotics the structure of sign Souls/visual image - signifier. >the sign Thing- referent A conventional understand of signs Sound visual image - signifier Concept - signified - not in the world, in your gead Semiotics elements to signification Signifier- the physical image (sound word picture odor sensation symbol object) used to communicate meaning Signified- the mental concept associated with the some image - shaped culturally, experimentally, socially Sign- a relationship between physical image and mental concept- a product of cultural codes and experiential history Referent- the concrete reality to which the sign refers Semiotics de-emphasize the external reality to which language refers Most of the action takes place between signifier and signified as mediators of our encounters with and understanding of lived realities Semiotics: levels of meaning We often understand the sign through "levels" of meaning it contains Denotations: "literal" meaning - descriptive in nature Connotation: association meaning - symbolic in nature We don't experience these"levels" separately- we internalize both as we learn meaningful discourse as we are socialized The way in which connotations come to be constructed, circulated, WMD naturalized is what semiotics is interested in
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