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The varieties of theory, The sociopsychological tradition , The semiotic tradition The varieties of theory Communications borrows from a variety of other disciplines and provides multiple "lines of action" into the investigation of communication studies Seven traditions in communications theory: we will cover 4 in this course The Semiotic tradition The phenomenological tradition The cybernetic tradition The sociopsychological tradition The sociocultural tradition The critical tradition The rhetorical tradition These provide different windows into understanding communication The sociopsychological tradition Primary concern: the role of information and interaction in shaping individual attitudes and behaviors Focus: how does communication shape individual attitude/behavior Influence: who says that to whom in what channel with what effects Condition: what are the effects of repeated exposure to messages Processing: how do individuals filter/manage into to form beliefs/attitudes Key ideas Psychological make-up is a key determinant of how we communicate Communication is also instrumental in shaping psychological make-up B
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