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CMNS 1115

Trait theory, Single factor models, Multiple factor models, Social judgement theory Trait theory communication is a function of aspects of individual personality These traits are learned responses to situations They allow us to describe and predict the behavior of others as well as judge our own interactions with them Single factor models describe behaviors based n one specific trait aggressiveness, communication anxiety, volubility,compulsive lying, etc, Multiple factor models describe behaviors with respected combinations of traits mapped in a scale OCEAN, openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism We can and do exhibit more or less of each of these traits in combination This both explains and predicts our modes of communication Foremost, Amon cognitive theories, are theories of persuasion- transforms peoples belief Social judgement theory evaluation if statements is based on internal "anchors"(basic idea) Anchors are built up through experience and influence how we feel things They define a range of what types of statements we're willing to accept This range narrows the more we have at stake in a particulate situation The less people feel involved, the more likely they are to be influenced The more people feel involved, the more they are generally willing to accept statements that reflect their perceived interests Question: While this theory is really about human psychology, does it tell us anything about the social role of the media? Our acceptance of the truth of statements is relative to out ego development which in turn influences certain latitudes of acceptability • Ego involvement the level of pe
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