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CMNS 1115

Communication and Decision-Making Group decision-making must fulfill four requirements or requisite functions • Identification & assessment of a problem – recognition that there is one • Goal setting – definition of criteria for evaluating alternative solutions • Identification of alternatives – marshalling alternative solutions • Evaluation of options – weighing the benefits & drawbacks of alternatives At each stage, group processes are mediated by three types of communication • Promotive: moves the group along a goal path by calling attention to one of the four decision-making functions • Disruptive: diverts attention and blocks the ability to achieve decision-making • Counteractive: attempts to get the group back on track Most comments are disruptive – which means that effective group work relies heavily on effective counteractive strategies Groupthink This is less a theory and more a concept for understanding one major way in which quality group work/decision-making can be inhibited/promoted the tendency for the members of a group to converge and for its actions/decisions to reflect its need to maintain convergence • Is a result of and in direct proportion to the cohesiveness of the group – the str
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