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Monological Models of Communication - MONOLOGICAL Models of Communication involve a one way movement of info from an identifiable sender to one or more receiver - From Greek: - Mono (single) - Logue ( speaker) Communication as Action Model Sender -- Receiver The Action Model: The monological, action model of communication is a linear model in which meaning is transferred through space from one agent to another by means of a communication medium such as speech or writing. Thus the linear model is precise, basic, and direct Two Step Flow Model Mass media opinion leaders  followers  opinion leaders  followers  opinion leaders  followers - the two step flow model of communication takes notice of the role of opinion leaders who receive, interpret, and redistribute the original message to large numbers of people - today we might think about the two step model as useful in explaining social media, including platforms like Twitter where a sinlge person can have dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of “followers.” Interaction Model: Sender/receiver  sender/ receiver In a dialogue, each person does not attempt to make
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