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CMNS 1115

Vocal Gestures the Language Vocal gestures: Language - initially, we communicate through a conversation of gestures - the conversation of gestures only becomes language when these gestures become significant symbols - get response from people from symbols - child becomes object to self How does a gesture become a significant symbol? - a gesture is called significant once the individual can interpret the meaning of her own gestures - it means being able to “call out” or bring forward the response that your gesture calls out or elicits in others - most famously, Mead describes the process of gestures becoming symbols as follows: “ When one uses significant symbols one is ‘taking the role of the other’ in the regulation of one’s own conduct.” “ one becomes a human being insofar as one can become an object to onself” - to be an organism in possession of mind, one must possess language - “thought is an internal dialogue” a dialogue with the generalized other The “I” The first phase of the self to appear. The doer, the feeling, instinctive, sensuous being The “ME” The receiver, the sense of what others perceive of what I do “MYSELF” consciousness, self cons
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