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WEAPONS OF PERSUASION Robert B. Cialdini - social psychology of persuasion - published many books (almost same title and covers) - appeal to people inherently because its so obvious - you can understand persuasion - Alfred North Whitehead - Progress is the ability to stop and think about what you’re doing - More things you can do automatically, more likely you’re good at persuading - reciprocation - commitment and consistency - social proof (cognitive dissonance) - liking (ethos) - authority - scarcity (“are you sure you don’t want it? It’s the last one that I got) Techniques only work because we have particular attitudes, needs and wants People who are good at products/ideas are manipulative and are seeking out the cognitive structure that is most vulnerable Semiotic Shortcuts: the tendency to respond to symbolic behavior without the felt need for critical reflection - stereotypes - metaphors (capture entire situation, we do that with proverbs as well) - genres - literary form (genres) We are particularly vulnerable to persuasion because we assume so easily, it makes our life easier…99% of t
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