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CMNS 1115

Green Consciousness and Communication - what you buy represents who you are - 2 dominant ways that people think of green consumerism - 1 ; social advocacy advertising or consume more efficiently/ wisely and social advocacy comes from government influence or NGOs (tries to get you to buy stuff) nd - 2 ; commercial marketing (gets you to get this product instead of that product because this is more green) - consumerism is becoming more and more ethical issues for us - interesting dilemma of trying to be more ethical or simply selling more units - transition of language is important - nature has “become a powerful part of our vocabulary of persuasion” - taken nature and concept of nature and turned into something that no longer has history - the word nature has become neutral because everyone uses it for marketing - nature is now a sacred adjective - evacuated history from nature - green consumerism may be enlightened consumer strategy that actually helps the planet or failure to understand the problem and is just a marketing scheme - “natural, green, nature” – automatically you think its good - everything is about producing in our culture - PRODUCTIVISM - If people understand all the environmental problems why does nothing change? - If its better, it has to increase - We start to judge everything by productivisim logic
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