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CRIM 1116

Individual perspectives on the law JUSTICE-a term derived from the roman term for law justicia which means to give each man his due in modern terms it has come to represent an idea of legal fairness. It is often used to reflect the personal or societal understanding of the upholding of rights and the punisments of wrongs when undertaken by the law INJUSTICE-a word that refers to a situation in which the law or the legal system treats someone or something unfairly THEORETICAL PRESPECTIVES ON THE LAW -there are positivists, natural lawyers, legal realists Marxists, critical legalists feminists, anarchists, and libertarians among others Law  a set of rules which is generally obeyed and enforced within a politically organized society o established in a community by authority or custom a body of such rules o the controlling influence of or obedience to this o the subject or study of such rules  part of the overall process of political decision o making which has achieved somewhat more technical more obvious and more clearly defined ground rules than other aspects of politics o however an integral subdivision of the overall political process o any society is the society’s attempt to resolve the most basic human tensions that between the needs of the person as an individual and her needs as a member of a community the law is the knife edge o delicate balance is maintained between the individual on one hand and the society on the other o one of the device
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