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CRIM 1116

-Teaching of law cannot be divorced from the ever-changing political social and economic context that underpins everyday life. -Law schools-term used to refer to faculties of law at specific universities. Students gain admission to these institutions after completing an undergrad degree or a portion thereof, from a recognized university -There were no law schools before 1950’ s-1960 -Law societies- provincial associations that license lawyers to practice in each province in Canada. Licenses are granted after a period of articling and successful completion of bar admission examinations -Articling-an LL.B graduates period of learning in a legal setting and further series of tests referred to as bar admissions only upon successful completion of these criteria can a person be “called to the bar” of a province and practice law Measures of Eligibility for Law School Admission -Based on GPA AND LAW SCHOOL ADMISSION TEST (LSAT) -Law schools combine these 2 marks more emphasis on GPA -Mature students are those who have demonstrated academic ability through a combination of the LSAT score and some academic coursework but don’t have the undergrad degree that is usually required for entrance Inside the law schools: numbers and curricula -1962 less than 1000 lawyers graduated -Late 90’s nearly 3000 lawyers graduating each year -1962 women formed less than 5% of each law school class now they make up 40% of law school grads -this increase is partly due to growing demands of gender equality -law degrees are also useful to those who wish to pursue a career outside of law. -small amount go on to do masters so they can teach law -law degree can also help for business or government services -law school
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