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Langara College
CRIM 1125

Criminology – self report surverys and crime rates SELF REPORT SURVEYS  like the GSS self report surveys usually conducted over the telephone  ask members of the public whether they have ever committed a criminal act  again confirm the large amount of undetected or unreported crime problems with self report surveys  offenders who have the most to hide are least likely to participate  tend to uncover petty crime  over reporting RELIABLITY  UCR is the most reliable GSS is second self report surveys are third  UCR data reflects crimes that are deemed serious enough by police to be recorded Crime is common  GSS and self report surveys illustrate undetected and unreported crime  show us that crime is much more common that we might believe  victimization survey provide info for criminal event theory, routine activities theory, life style exposure theory Attitudes towards the police  GSS provides insight into why people don’t report crime to the police and what their general attitudes towards the criminal justice system are  2009 GSS indicates that 85% of Canadians have confidence in the police and the rest of the CJS  51% feel courts are doing good job ensuring that accused individuals get a fair trail  only 24% feel that courts doing god job in helping victims  priso
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