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ENGL 1121

The Setting of the yellow wall paper Setting “The Yellow Wall paper” By Charlotte Perkins Gilman This short story has a combination of two types of setting, Mold and Mirror. Mold is when the setting influences what the character becomes. At the beginning of the story the narrator is feeling sad and depressed. As the narrator has nothing to do; she doesn't have a job or hobby, also no responsibilities. She spend so much time in that house alone, especially in that room. She becomes more and more upset, like the yellow wallpaper. “It ..confuses the eye..constantly irritates...and when you follow the lame uncertain curves..they suddenly commit suicide.” The wallpaper starts to influence her behaviour and as the story continues she gets worse and worse, until at the end of the story she falls into complete craziness and madness. So the setting explains about the character and her behaviour. Yet at the same time, the setting mirrors the narrator's character. The setting and mood emphasis the narrators loneliness and her decent into madness. Her husband spends so much time out of the house, and there is no one for her to talk to. She isn't allowed company as this would over excite her, which her husband is trying to stop. However, there is nothing else for her to do but stay in the room, where she spends her time looking at and analyzing the yellow wallpaper. It's ugly, confused, has big patterns that don't make sense, pieces are ripped off and the pattern will go in one directions and then suddenly stop. Her mind is like this paper and soon she begins
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