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Langara College
ENGL 1121

Summary Notes of the Roller Skate man and Stamps “Roller Skate Man” and “Stamps” Poem “Roller Skate Man” and “Stamps,” are both about poverty and how individuals face this problem. Yet, in “Roller Skate Man,” that poor man lost his legs, but he hasn't lost his hope. He lives his life like other people with his Roller skate and never gives up. He face his poverty and dominates his problems. But in the second poem “Stamps,” the poverty of the poor family is on display. They are part of the working poor, they work hard; yet, are judged for their poverty. The poet is embarrassed by her poverty because of how others judge her. Doesn’t she deserve some comfort? In “Roller Skate Man,” the poet uses water as a symbol and metaphor for the movement of the man; whereas, “Stamps,” uses the checkout in a grocery store as the symbol and metaphor for the shame she feels. The poem Roller Skate Man, describes a disable man who has lost his legs, but he continues to live his life. He is brave; he hasn't given up although he has great hardship. He uses roller-skate wheels, “based on a block of wood,” to move himself around. He skate over pavement, “Heavy with split, old butts, chewed gum,” like the pollution on a beach. The poet uses imagery to show him to us. He wears gloves, as, “The hands are paddles,” paddles to move himself, “Between the silk-stockinged legs.” The streets are full of bumps. “On his hands gloves, because the Queen Street pavements Are rough.” He skims over the cement , like water. Yet, this man with his Roller skate goes through all the junk in life and never gives up. He is the, “Flotsam among the jetsam of this world.” On the other hand
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