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Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”  -Iron-like determination to stand her ground and avoid change; loves Homer so much that he kills him to prevent him from leaving -Does not like letting go of the body; be alone -grey because she has been sleeping with the corpse for a long period of time -Leaves hair to represent Grierson legacy  –Former servant Tobe; calls her Miss Emily, knows that the room upstairs has a dead corpse -speaks in the position of the townspeople and their views and perception of Miss Emily  –get to see through all of the towns’ people’s eyes of how Emily acts -if it’s through just Emily, then it’s only one pair of eyes, compared to several other pairs if it’s the towns people -sometimes you are not aware of your own actions until it is perceived by other people -watching her character build from the outside is like a painting, see more details than seeing it from her own eyes/ point of view  –Homer disappeared after engaging with Emily -Foul smell coming from the house; usually nothing as bad as decaying body would smell like that -buying arsenic at the drug store -Foreshadowing did not give away the ending for me but they did heighten my interest to confirm if my hypothesis was correct  –changing reality: when he describes the gasoline pumps are nearing her house,
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