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Historical View The story includes minimal historical views. The main focuses were on the cultural, political, social pressure and about the economy. The story indicates the struggles the Chinese immigrants had to go through. Due to the cultural, political and social pressure, generation conflicts occurred and there were divisions differentiated between the Chinese immigrants and people of the Canadian social system. Moreover, the Chinese immigrants encountered daily stress economically. They stressed mainly over money, food, job wages and clothing. Poverty and racism also had a great impact and affect on the immigrants. Red The color red represents health, love, fortune and energy. Each on relates to the Jade Peony in a specific way. Health represents Poh Poh’s long living life. Love symbolizes the strong determining affection that Poh Poh has towards the magician. Fortune depicts the wealth of the family. Although they are not the richest family out there, they are considered pretty well off. Last but not least, the strength and long lasting life of Poh Poh represents energy. Cultural/ Non-cultural The story is composed of many people from different generations from Poh Poh to the parents to the children. Therefore the difference between the modern society and the tradition society plays a great role in this story. Back in Poh Poh’s generation, it was normal to go through alleys and trashes to look for useful things; whereas in the children’s generation, it was considered absurd. Due to the health issues upon Poh Poh, it was best recommended to go to the hospital to get checked up in the modern
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