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Introductory to AccountingJanuary 9.docx

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Langara College
Financial Management
FMGT 1116

Introductory to Accounting January 9, 2013 Accounting  an information system  identifies, measures, records and communicates relevant, reliable, consistent and comparable information about a company’s economic activities  helps decide what will make the company better Internal Users  people that are involved in managing and operating the organization everyday External Users  people that are opposite of Internal Users  involved the actions of day-day operations in the company  control with investors in the company  whether they should : invest, keep or sell their interests in the company  creditors want to evaluate the risk of granting credit or lending money ETHICS  accounting is performed by individuals with high standards In the ethical society or of ethical behaviour  these individuals are hired to provide accurate accounting information  accountants and other professionals have rules to guide with that are about the behaviour to provide to the public  many companies have a code of conduct that outlines their commitment to ethical behaviour Forms of Business Organizations Proprietor
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